For The Kitchen Table: To go with my feeling badass and taking charge of my path in life, I re-visited this image and added to it a photo of a thin tree I saw outside of an REI store. It’s as if my backbone is strengthening, and I’m gaining power just being who I am – unapologetically.

The body is is mine. It was for a photography class I took where we were asked to imitate a photographer’s work. I chose Lee Miller‘s Nude Bent Forward. She was a model for and collaborator with Man Ray, who went on to be a war photographer during World  War II. From what I remember reading, She wanted to take the angel of on surrealism in a different way than Man Ray did (not just have naked bodies contorting and totally seeing that they were naked bodies contorting), I have to say, I respect Miss Miller’s idea on taking on this point of view.

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