Owning my badassery

There is something about taking charge of your life’s journey that challenges you to the point that you buy your own domain name. As I take the giant leap into owning my badassery, I had always thought of owning my own site that didn’t have a hosting site’s name attached to it.

I’ve had an online presence since I got my first e-mail address. I’ve posted jokes on a site I made on my University’s server, built my own site by coding in basic HTML so that I could post photos I’d taken and poetry I’d written, and joined the social media train, not able to resist sharing and connecting. I’m in so many places, it’s crazy. But I’ve never had a site that might encompass all that I am. So here I am!

I’m a little flummoxed, and need to spend some time charting out what the purpose of this blog will be, and what I want to highlight most (read: edit). So if you become a regular visitor, you’ll probably see it chameleon form for a while – ever changing.

Here’s to new beginnings and consolidating all I have to offer.

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