South for the Holidays

I’ve spent many of the past 13 years of the winter holidays in Southern California, where my husband’s family lives. It’s always sunny, sometimes freezing, sometimes sweaty. It depends on what part of the large county that Los Angeles we are in. Being a large family, we travel far and wide to be with different families. Below are […]

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Bend Fold

Seduced by the sun’s appearance today, I took a bunch of pictures of tree shadows. I made this composite, which I would love to see blown up. I’ll work toward making that happen.

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Tuning into the High Vibes

Part of this self-realization path I’m on is making it a habit to tune into the high vibes. If there is something I forgot to bring back with me when leaving the admin life to the artist life it’s that I had a really good routine. I’d get on the bus with my husband, we’d got […]

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Confidence continues

Inching on the progress for this. I know I need to push this somehow. After a long day waiting to see if I’d be chosen for a jury  (and not – phew!), I made a badass ratatouille, had it with a big glass of Cabernet, turned on some Castle, and made these small additions. Stay […]

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For The Kitchen Table: To go with my feeling badass and taking charge of my path in life, I re-visited this image and added to it a photo of a thin tree I saw outside of an REI store. It’s as if my backbone is strengthening, and I’m gaining power just being who I am […]

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