Self-Portrait-About(Apr2016)-SquareCropMy interest in photography began to manifest in high school. Until more recently, photography was another way for me to escape reality. And that need is probably why I would probably define my style as dabbling in surrealism, and random happenstance. I enjoy exploring, evolving, and being fluid.

I’m more self-taught, though have taken formal classes at Photographic Center Northwest, and exhibited my work at the school’s annual fundraiser, Long Shot, since 2010. With a smattering of jobs to keep me afloat, I began showing my work on local shops in the Seattle Area in 2016.

Born into a military family, I’ve lived in more than a few places. Being bi-cultural, I enjoy the life-long exploration of my identity as a Filipino-American. I hold a purple belt in Kajukenbo (Chu’an Fa Kung Fu), adore streaming shows and movies online, and learning about ways to live a life I can truly look back on and say “Yah. That was my life, and I loved it.”

Life would be extremely challenging, and would not be complete, without my supportive network of family and friends… and streaming.

Thanks for visiting! I you are interested in working with me on a project or have any questions about my work. Visit my contact page and send me a message.