Sometime, after many years working in very good office jobs and as a barista, I met myself on one of those bridges in Paris and insisted “Normal and conventional don’t suit me.” Small eruptions occurred in my heart and brain while reading this book, and made the decision to do this photography thing. I know it won’t be easy. I know it will hurt. But I know I’m better at being creative than anything else. That I’m happiest when I’m making art and sharing it with the world.

Self-Portrait-About(Apr2016)-SquareCropMy interest in photography started in high school, where I served as photo editor of my senior annual. It was there where my  exploration of image-making began to manifest. If I really wanted to categorize my photographic style, I’d say it teeters between abstraction, surrealism, and random happenstance. Otherwise, I enjoy exploring, evolving, and being fluid.

I’ve studied at Photographic Center Northwest, and exhibited my work at the school’s annual fundraiser, Long Shot, since 2010. Currently, I am focusing on hanging my work in local coffee shops in the Seattle area.

Born into a military family, I’ve lived in more than a few places. Being bi-cultural, I enjoy the life-long exploration of my identity as a Filipino-American. I hold a purple belt in Kajukenbo (Chu’an Fa Kung Fu). I enjoy coffee breaks, daydreaming, cutting and gluing things, taking photos, contemplating, and making myself laugh.

Life would be extremely challenging, and would not be complete, without my supportive network of family and friends, and streaming.

Thanks for visiting!