Seattle Center

My husband’s parents flew in to town to meet their grandson for the first time. We gave them the Seattle tour and I got some time to practice shooting. It’s been a really long time, and even though Seattle Center is one of those places that’s photographed thousands, if not a million times a second, I enjoyed how MoPOP’s steely exterior flexed with the early Fall sky.


And this one interior shot was fun:




Last October my husband and I were at the very end of a very long and demanding journey. For a few years we had been trying to have a child. After multiple infertility treatments we actually got to the stage where we had a (one) healthy embryo for me to carry. And right after the transfer of said embryo we drove to Vancouver. My husband was attending a conference, and I tagged along for some rest, going with the thought that keeping my stress levels down would help with the implantation. Well, it helped. I am now the mother of an eight week old baby.

Baby M is challenging me in ways I could never have imagined. If there is anything that could have stripped me down to my basics, revealing the truth at my core, it was having and raising this kid. And I’ll tell you right now that it’s messy. It’s crazy. I am now learning about what I am capable of, what I need help with, what I’m willing to do, who I’m willing to be, and more. It’s been an incredible period of feeling every emotion you could think of all at once, and a test of what you can do on nearly no sleep. But sprinkled between all of that are moments of wonder, fascination, glee, and just plain love.

That’s it for now. As much as I want to be on my computer and marathon TV shows. And believe me, I try. I’m finding and accepting that life is forever changed. I have the biggest job in the world, and I want to be the best I can be at it. Until next time!


Falling on Fall

Fall came quickly, and with it brought change. It was lovely to spend the transition from summer in Vancouver, British Columbia. Just a few hours north of Seattle, the trek is like some peoples’ daily commutes (sadly). My husband was attending a conference, so I spent the time walking around town.

The weather went back and forth between sunny, cloudy, stormy, sun breaks, and stormy again. But I am prepared Pacific Northwesterner, and was prepared for variable weather. I also got some advice from our hotel bartender about how to get to Granville Island as covered as possible. We were staying at Canada Place where I was able to immediately go underground to catch at train to a station, and then walked a block to catch a ferry that took me to Granville Island. He wasn’t wrong. My mostly covered path got me to a tiny passenger ferry bounced around False Creek to Granville Island. I took a bus back to the hotel, which was also right at the Market and I brought back some fudge for us to enjoy on the rest of our trip.


More photos on Flickr!

Opening Reception

As part of Vela Cannabis’ High Art Series, I’ll be showing some of my work at Vela Cannabis, just south of the stadiums on 1st Ave S. in Seattle. There will be an opening reception on Saturday, November 11th from 5:00-7:00. Stop on by! If you can’t make the reception, my work will be up from November 9th through December 10th. the end of the month.

Vela Cannabis
1944 1st Ave S
Seattle, WA 98134
(get directions)

Photos on display November 9-30th, so see it while you can!

Store hours to view them are:
Mon – Thurs: 10am to 9pm
Fri – Sat: 10am to 10pm
Sun: 10am to 7pm

You can also check out the Facebook invite here.

Thank you for your support!

Emotional Post-Processing

Perhaps, I was feeling a few feelings. And those feelings lead me to edit these the way that I did. In this case, life was feeling kind of bleak, but I could still see a hint of hope. In a cliched way, colors appeared less vibrant, and I wanted to find light in the darkness I seemed to be trudging through. I wanted to focus on the idea that life is not permanent, and to take note that while we are here it is beneficial to find or invite the things that bring light, warmth, and joy to our days.

Sometimes We Burn at Both Ends | Marivic Pinedo | September 1, 2017
Finding Warm | Marivic Pinedo | September 1, 2017
How Long Until it Bursts? | Marivic Pinedo | September 1, 2017


Light finds its way

To start the week off, I spent a few hours at the Seattle Art Museum in search of new acquisitions. I wanted to share this trio of snaps I took as it undeniably proves that I am infatuated with how light finds its way to create irresistible compositions, whether or not it is artificial.

SAM (08.28.17) Web-2
The Italian Room ca. 1575-1600 | Italian (Venice), Italy – The light coming through the window is a simulation of sunlight. The room is in the middle of the museum, so no sunlight there!
SAM (08.28.17) Web-9
Forest fires from Central Washington State created warm and hazy atmosphere in the city.
SAM (08.28.17) Web-21
Rectangles abound. I want to say the light coming through the opaque wall is a mixture of interior overhead light and sunlight coming from a distance from the street.

A quick breather

Seattle is in the middle of a heat wave. In addition to the heat, we’ve been blanketed in smoke from wildfires happening in British Columbia. I can’t imagine the amount of destruction being made if the smoke is reaching as far south as Seattle, and even Portland, Oregon. It’s really sad. With that said, the air quality in Seattle has been pretty poor, and the smoke has created some incredibly intense afternoons steeped in magenta, orange, deep red, and white. It’s almost an “End of Days” feeling.

But today we got a little reprieve. It’s been at least 15F degrees cooler than the last few days. The smoke has wafted away from the city a little bit, and we’ve been able to keep our windows open, with cool breezes making it in without the smell of smoke. As the sun set, I decided to go for  a quick stroll around the block and breathe some outside air. It wasn’t bad at all. The sun still has a pinkish glow to it, but not as Mars red as it has been for the past three days. I snapped a few frames while I was at it.

Summer Solstice Begins

“Step on a crack, break your mama’s back” | June 21, 2017 |Marivic Pinedo
Street Art | June 21, 2017 | Marivic Pinedo
Smith Tower Rising | June 21, 2017 | Marivic Pinedo 
Shining Through Cover | June 21, 2017 | Marivic Pinedo
Catching Rays I | June 21, 2017 | Marivic Pinedo
Playing Hoops | June 21, 2017 | Marivic Pinedo
Lunch Break Sun Soak in Occidental Park | June 21, 2017 | Marivic Pinedo
The Past Bleeds Through | June 21, 2017 | Marivic Pinedo 
Catching Rays II | June 21, 2017 | Marivic Pinedo


Hitting the pavement | June 14, 2017

I’ve been working on taking weekly trips into the city to walk around and do some street photography. These were taken with my Fuji X-70, a wide angle fixed lens camera that I can easily stash in my backpack. For people with larger pockets, I’ve read it can be stuffed into your pocket. The lower profile is ideal for street photography, as it tends to not draw too much attention to myself. It’s also extremely quiet, and has little noise at high ISOs, so the need for flash isn’t necessary 90% of the time. I can shoot in manual, aperture priority, shutter priority, and can control white balance, noise, and more things that I have yet to explore!

Though the images below were shot with some intention, I do hope to take more street photography that would be more spontaneous and interactive. I will need to work on how to engage if I want to make images that are more intimate. With almost everyone carrying around some sort of camera, I wonder if people are a little more aware of a lens’ gaze, and feel the need to duck, dodge, or photo bomb! Oh well, if they do. But I want to further my reach, both as a photographer, and as a community member. Wish me luck!