Tuning into the High Vibes

Part of this self-realization path I’m on is making it a habit to tune into the high vibes. If there is something I forgot to bring back with me when leaving the admin life to the artist life it’s that I had a really good routine. I’d get on the bus with my husband, we’d got coffee and chat for 15-20 minutes before trudging off to work, we’d part ways and I’d walk another 15 minutes with music blasting while I danced while stopped at crosswalks, or on the set of escalators that let me cheat the big hill I could’ve walked up. I took lunch between 12:00-12:30, I’d chow down at my haven of a lunch spot, watch an episode of something, and then dance back to work. The point is that the amount of walking I did everyday and the music I let course through my veins on a daily basis are things I haven’t done since I started working at home, and I forgot how important those actions were in tuning me into my high vibes. I enjoyed playing random play lists on Pandora or Songza and discovering new or even older music that PUMPED ME UP. My favorite are still Beyonce playlists. I wasn’t so into Destiny’s Child back in the day, but Beyonce is incredibly powerful in os many ways. Her expression, her art, her work ethic, her message. Everything. One song that I totally love I let play on repeat one day this past summer:

And as soon as I got out of work I popped my earphones in and ran down the hill to the bus stop with my arms held out like I was hugging the world! When I got home, I dropped by bag, grabbed my car keys, a book, my journal, and the hubby, and drove straight to the beach. I made him listen to the song with me on the sand, and I just danced in my own little world.

That beach break I was waiting for had arrived. 75 feels like 80.

Then, we chilled and enjoyed the sun for an hour. It was a good day. It was high vibes. And I haven’t totally felt that same way since, which hinders the the creative process more than a little. 

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