Looking Out, Looking In

For me, watching waves ebb and flow is probably the most meditative experience. My mind immediately calms. I breathe more deeply. I start thinking about what I’m grateful for. I smile. Looking at these photos I think about how life is just as much about looking out as it is looking in. To see and journey toward a horizon while paying attention […]

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  Running March 5, 2016  In processing this image, I was playing with the idea of DNA running across a gel. It was a lab exercise I did in high school chemistry. My memory is a bit foggy, but if I remember correctly, DNA is negatively charged, and traveled across to the positively charged nodes […]

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Birth. Life. What is going on?

I’m experiencing infant over load. It’s not a bad thing. They’re cute. Two close friends of mine have infants. One was born this past week. They’re so tiny at first. Then they work on their caloric intake and start chubbing up. Their neck muscles start to kick in, and you aren’t so afraid their heads will lop […]

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Looking through. Looking from. Looking, looking, looking. Where am I? Where should I be? Where is safe? What’s better? What’s right? What if? Peeking through. Just peeking. Just a little peek. Is it okay? Will it be? It’s out there – isn’t it? Marivic Pinedo March 2, 2016   

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How’d it go?

It’s been fun daring to be me by putting my photography out there. After selling work at an arts and crafts bazaar last November, I wanted to pursue a dream I’ve had for a while, which was to show my work at a coffee shop. It doesn’t sound like a big dream, but it has been for me […]

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I saw this painted on the front of The Indoor Sun Shoppe. I think I was into obstructed views on this particular afternoon. I wanted to take this like I was actually seeing this woman standing in her natural environment. The plastic chair kind of messes up that illusion, though, doesn’t it?

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Phil – A short study

While watching the Seahawks take a substantial beating in the first half of this past Sunday’s game, I distracted myself from the horror by taking some photos of a leaf. It’s from our philodendron plan we named Phil. It’s pretty much how I felt that entire first half.

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Free form Friday

Today, I felt inspired to either sketch or paint. I’m not really any good at either. When I opened up my pad of newsprint. I found some cutouts I’ve used for collages, and one was sitting on top of some ink marks (I think I was trying a pen nib). I thought it looked cool and wondered if […]

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