Birth. Life. What is going on?

I’m experiencing infant over load. It’s not a bad thing. They’re cute. Two close friends of mine have infants. One was born this past week. They’re so tiny at first. Then they work on their caloric intake and start chubbing up. Their neck muscles start to kick in, and you aren’t so afraid their heads will lop off that instant where you lose a little grip when holding them.

Babies cry. They are taking in all this information with their big eyes. One moment it’s darkness, it’s warm, their ears hear sounds in muffled tones (I’m imagining this. I have no idea what it’s like to be completely aware in a womb). Then it’s bright, loud, cold, and who are all these people? What is going on?!


Life is tough. Even when we’re babies we’re fighting reality. We’re flexing every muscle to be heard and screaming our heads off to be understood. Somebody hold me! Somebody comfort me! Somebody feed me! Somebody tell me it’s going to be alright!


Then the hushing starts. The swaddling. The bouncing. The dancing. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. But when it does the cooing starts. The eyelids weigh heavy, and there is some time before that baby stress attack happens again. I really don’t see it as any different when you’re an adult. You just manage it a little better; and the moments between cries is further apart.



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