Tangerine & Aqua

The Fremont Sunday Market in Seattle is a fun place to walk and peruse art, crafts, vintage goods, and wares. On a hot sunny day, sun blazing overhead, I was feeling experimental. Here, I had fun with exposure. I felt like shooting like how it felt – white hot. I think these would be fun as easy poster prints to hang in a bright kitchen.



2 More Weeks!

I’ve had a collection of work up at Fresh Flours Bakery on Phinney Ridge focusing on abstract and travel photography. They’re up through the end of this month, so if you haven’t already, grab a cuppa something and a tasty pastry (Trust me. They’re great pastries), and have a look. Contact me if you’re interested in any pieces or have any questions!

Recent abstracts up and hanging:

(L to R): Waterfall at Dusk, Spine 2, Rising Song

San Diego, California

Some photos from my recent trip to San Diego this past weekend.

Balboa Park
We’ll have to go back. Museums, all this awesome scenery, gardens, fountains. Acres of things to see and do.


San Diego Zoo 


De Anza Cove Park at Mission Bay
The site of our family reunion. We were there at 6:00 a.m. to snag a spot for our all-day event. The marine layer hovers over San Diego till about maybe 9:30-10:00 and then the sun starts to peek through.



Sunset Cliffs


San Diego International Airport


View from the Town & Country “Resort”that we stayed in. Next time, I’ll find better accommodations that don’t have not-easy-to-see fees.


A Visit to Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

I was going to be solo for the holiday weekend, so a friend invited me last-minute on a group outing to Whistler, the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics, and a travel destination for many of my friends during the winter months. I’d never been enticed to make the drive up (it’s about 5-6 hours from Seattle). I’m not one who likes to wake at 5 a.m. to drive for hours then bundle up like the kid from A Christmas Story and then hurl myself down a treacherous mountain. I’m more of an island girl. That said, I had a wonderful time. What beautiful country! The Olympic Village was nestled just so and did not overwhelm the natural surroundings.

Plaza in Creekside Village
Plaza in Creekside Village
Rock face on Whistler Mountain
Rock face on Whistler Mountain
View from Whistler Mountain


James Stewart Sculpture
Potted plant outside the GAP
Lost Lake from the trail.
Lost Lake beach and picnic area
Bridge art along trail by Lost Lake
Blackcomb Peak and Whistler Mountain from Green Lake trail
Volcanic view from our hotel room
Looking down from the Peak 2 Peak 360 Experience
View of the valley between Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Peak. Taken from the Peak 2 Peak 360 Experience


Showing at Fresh Flours!

My work is currently up at Fresh Flours on Phinney Ridge (Seattle, WA). Showing with me again is Studio Cornix with new works in her Cell Portrait series. Here’s a phone pic peak:

Left and Center Walls: Some of my abstract work
Right Wall: Photos from my travels grouped by destination.

Clockwise starting from upper-left: Studio Cornix posing with her cell portraits, photos from Paris, abstract photography, and photos from the Central California Coast. You’ll have to check them out to see them in color!

Waterfall at Dusk

Again, I’m really enjoying playing with lights and shapes. With this, I am very much enamored with the striking light, triangles, movement, and coarse texture. I would love to print this larger, maybe poster-sized, but on something like watercolor paper or rice paper. I attempted feeding hand-cut watercolor paper through my inkjet printer at home, but the paper is too fine and porous, so the printer ate the sheets. That said, I had to at least try.

Waterfall at Dusk | April 2016