Falling on Fall

Fall came quickly, and with it brought change. It was lovely to spend the transition from summer in Vancouver, British Columbia. Just a few hours north of Seattle, the trek is like some peoples’ daily commutes (sadly). My husband was attending a conference, so I spent the time walking around town.

The weather went back and forth between sunny, cloudy, stormy, sun breaks, and stormy again. But I am prepared Pacific Northwesterner, and was prepared for variable weather. I also got some advice from our hotel bartender about how to get to Granville Island as covered as possible. We were staying at Canada Place where I was able to immediately go underground to catch at train to a station, and then walked a block to catch a ferry that took me to Granville Island. He wasn’t wrong. My mostly covered path got me to a tiny passenger ferry bounced around False Creek to Granville Island. I took a bus back to the hotel, which was also right at the Market and I brought back some fudge for us to enjoy on the rest of our trip.


More photos on Flickr!

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