Light finds its way

To start the week off, I spent a few hours at the Seattle Art Museum in search of new acquisitions. I wanted to share this trio of snaps I took as it undeniably proves that I am infatuated with how light finds its way to create irresistible compositions, whether or not it is artificial.

SAM (08.28.17) Web-2
The Italian Room ca. 1575-1600 | Italian (Venice), Italy – The light coming through the window is a simulation of sunlight. The room is in the middle of the museum, so no sunlight there!
SAM (08.28.17) Web-9
Forest fires from Central Washington State created warm and hazy atmosphere in the city.
SAM (08.28.17) Web-21
Rectangles abound. I want to say the light coming through the opaque wall is a mixture of interior overhead light and sunlight coming from a distance from the street.

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