Looking Out, Looking In

For me, watching waves ebb and flow is probably the most meditative experience. My mind immediately calms. I breathe more deeply. I start thinking about what I’m grateful for. I smile. Looking at these photos I think about how life is just as much about looking out as it is looking in. To see and journey toward a horizon while paying attention […]

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Looking through. Looking from. Looking, looking, looking. Where am I? Where should I be? Where is safe? What’s better? What’s right? What if? Peeking through. Just peeking. Just a little peek. Is it okay? Will it be? It’s out there – isn’t it? Marivic Pinedo March 2, 2016   

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Developing identity

As I work toward creating a name for myself in artistic photography, I’ve been thinking about photographers that have inspired me, “wowed” me to be better, or whose work resonated with my own. One of them is Gordon Lewis, who takes beauties like this photo. Another is Cubie King, who captures magical moments like this. As I prepare and […]

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To Be Outside

To Be Outside Printer paper, Nook, iPhone Statement about this piece: This image, split into four parts, imitate a window frame looking out at an every day scene:  shower curtain lifted by the wind, yet held in place by laundry pins. The windows above it look out onto the ocean, an endless expanse of beautiful uncertainty. The intent of this […]

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