Off With Their Heads

The tulips I had that were so tightly budded up have spread out their petals to the sun (what we have of it). Some opened up just enough to hold the classic tulip shape, but others, not so much. More than a few petals have dropped. Some, entire heads have fallen and I have been picking up the […]

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Phil – A short study

While watching the Seahawks take a substantial beating in the first half of this past Sunday’s game, I distracted myself from the horror by taking some photos of a leaf. It’s from our philodendron plan we named Phil. It’s pretty much how I felt that entire first half.

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To Be Outside

To Be Outside Printer paper, Nook, iPhone Statement about this piece: This image, split into four parts, imitate a window frame looking out at an every day scene:  shower curtain lifted by the wind, yet held in place by laundry pins. The windows above it look out onto the ocean, an endless expanse of beautiful uncertainty. The intent of this […]

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