Editing for the Cold

It was a dark Thanksgiving week. It was rain, rain, rain, sun break for a couple hours, and then more rain. I don’t remember ever being out in such wet and bone-chilling cold conditions. But when you have family in town, you do your best to show them a good time. We did have fun, but admittedly, the cold kept me from wanting to take any pictures. I mustered up this handful I shot with my Fuji X70 (I’m still getting to know it and what it’s best at shooting).


Quickly passing stores to find a place to warm up. A smoke shop on the north end of Broadway. Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA.
Looking out at the alley under Pike Place Market from Ghost Alley Espresso.
Home decor in a house rental. I was going for a polaroid punk flash lighting look.
Swimming in a deep shadow and drape patterns.
From where are you visiting? A map at Pike Place Market. 
The Fremont Troll grips the earth.
My sister-in-law channeling Michael Jackson at Gasworks Park. The wind was incredibly icy. We were on the hill for maybe three minutes before we left for Fremont Brewing to get warm.