Waterfall at Dusk

Again, I’m really enjoying playing with lights and shapes. With this, I am very much enamored with the striking light, triangles, movement, and coarse texture. I would love to print this larger, maybe poster-sized, but on something like watercolor paper or rice paper. I attempted feeding hand-cut watercolor paper through my inkjet printer at home, but the paper is too fine and porous, so the printer ate the sheets. That said, I had to at least try.

Waterfall at Dusk | April 2016




March 5, 2016 

In processing this image, I was playing with the idea of DNA running across a gel. It was a lab exercise I did in high school chemistry. My memory is a bit foggy, but if I remember correctly, DNA is negatively charged, and traveled across to the positively charged nodes in the apparatus. It was a really fun exercise. We took poloroids of the results, and this photo reminded me of how the DNA looked after “running” across the gel.