Mood Series 2017 Each piece 10″ x 10″ Black and white photograph Digital print metallic gloss

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In This Corner

Detail of murals/frescos by David Siqueiros at the National Palace in Mexico City, Mexico. They were so large, beautiful, and engaging. I found myself in the corners of a few rooms where the stories spilled into one another.

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Three Sisters

  Still waiting for the words to show up for these, but I really like these images. They evoke a few things for me: feminine, obscurity, and grace. There is more to this than just this. For now, I’ll let the images sit here.

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Being, Human

Winter has become a time for self reflection. There’s been so much reflection that I have felt my insides crumple and squeeze at my core. What is in my head? What is in my heart? Why do I hurt? Why do I worry? When will I move again? In Being, Human, I explored reflection literally. […]

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